Our team of experts have different backgrounds and disciplines and work together on sustainability.

Annemijn Huijboom - Program Officer

Annemijn Huijboom

Program Officer (Circular Plastics, Drying and Dewatering, Mild Fractionation for Food)
Gijs Tubben - Program Officer

Gijs Tubben

Program Officer (Ammonia, Separations for Circularity)

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Peter de Jong - Program Director ISPT

Peter de Jong

Program Director (Fascinating, Drying and Dewatering, Mild Fractionation for Food)
Irene ten Dam - Program Manager

Irene ten Dam

Program Manager (Circular Carbon, Separations for Circularity)

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Anne van der Zwaan

Program Manager (Drying and Dewatering, Mild Fractionation for Food)
Paco Rutten - Program Officer

Paco Rutten

Program Officer (Circular Plastics, Electric Cracking)

Our core team is supported by a Supervisory Board and an Academic Advisory Board.

Supervisory Board

The ISPT Supervisory Board consists of appointed representatives of ISPT participants from the process industry, academic partners and SME’s. It supervises the ISPT managing board and provides advice and counsel.

Kirsten Steinbusch


Rob Mudde

TU Delft

Jurgen Hoekstra


Academic Advisory Board

The ISPT Academic Advisory Board guarantees the scientific quality of the activities and programs of ISPT. It consists of professors and academic representatives related to ISPT.

ISPT Academic Advisory Board - H.J. Heeres

Prof. dr. ir. H.J. (Erik) Heeres

University of Groningen
ISPT Academic Advisory Board - Ruud van Ommen

Prof. dr. ir. R. (Ruud) van Ommen

TU Delft
Sascha Kersten

Chair, Prof. dr. ir. S.R.A. (Sascha) Kersten

University of Twente
ISPT Academic Advisory Board - Remko Boom

Prof. dr. ir. RM (Remko) Boom

Wageningen University & Research