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Annita Westenbroek

Program Director (Heat)

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Change, connectivity and future oriented. These are the 3 words Annita Westenbroek often uses to describe the essence of ISPT’s work. Annita is our Program Director of Heat and she firmly believes that these values set ISPT apart in its research and project initiatives, distinguishing it from other organizations.

At the heart of Annita’s approach is the conviction that the future must be different – not only for the industry but for the entire planet and future generations. Her drive for sustainability is profound. She understands the urgency for change and recognizes the challenges companies face in adapting to new developments and technologies. Often hindered by old patterns, daily operations, or financial constraints, these companies seek guidance, which Annita and ISPT provide through their extensive network and expertise. She helps to remove technical barriers, enhances communication between parties, and connects companies with technology suppliers.

Many companies want to change, but they don’t know how

Annita Westenbroek – Expert bio-based economy

Annita Westenbroeks journey to ISPT began nearly 25 years ago through a connection with Tjeerd Jongsma during her tenure at Wageningen University, where she was deeply involved in the bio-based economy and fostering cooperation between companies. Her role at ISPT started with a project on Deep Eutectic Solvents in the paper industry around 2015. Specialized in assisting the agro-food, chemical, and paper industries to reduce heat usage in production and make their energy use more sustainable, Annita is actively involved in finding new, affordable ways to implement sustainable heat technologies.

She tackles challenges like integrating these technologies into complex processes, managing the high costs and fluctuating availability of electricity, and exploring new technologies, such as innovative ways to convert waste heat back into steam, to save energy in these sectors. Journalists can reach out to Annita for clear explanations about current and future sustainable heat projects and their impact on the industry. She can provide insights into why companies might hesitate to invest in heat innovations and what new technologies, like improved heat storage, are needed to reduce industrial energy consumption.

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