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Rob Stevens

Program Director (Ammonia)

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Rob Stevens serves as the Program Director of Clean Ammonia at ISPT. His journey in the ammonia sector began over 25 years ago, starting with his PhD research at TU Delft in 1997. His career has since been dedicated to this field, taking him from the Netherlands to Qatar, Norway, Australia, and back to Norway.

Ammonia is more than just a professional pursuit for Rob; it’s a passion. He has spent years exploring its role in the energy sector and recognizes its potential. Currently, he leads our Clean Ammonia Innovation Platform, where he aims to position clean ammonia as a key player in the energy transition. His focus is on aligning efforts towards a fossil-free industry and promoting ammonia as an energy carrier, particularly for hydrogen.

Rob’s interest lies in using ammonia in shipping fuel and as a hydrogen carrier, beginning in Rotterdam and expanding globally. With over 25 years in ammonia production and development, his expertise covers energy transition, the hydrogen economy, CO2 reduction in various sectors including chemistry, steel production, shipping, and aviation, and the development of green resources and fuels.

Rob: “I started ammonia-related work about 25 years ago. After my PhD research on enzymatic reactions in near-critical carbon dioxide in 1997, I started working for Yara. Early on I decided to focus my efforts on ammonia. This allowed me to travel all over the world.” Already for about six years, Rob lives in Norway. “And with great pleasure, since my wife and I are passionate cross-country skiers.” His three daughters have left the warm nest in recent years to study abroad.  

It’s time we recognise the value of ammonia in the energy transition

Rob Stevens – Expert on green ammonia and the energy transition

During his time at Yara, Rob experienced firsthand what it is like to collaborate with ISPT. He was for example involved in the consortium of HyChain and the MegaWatt Test Center. Now, Rob leads the Clean Ammonia Platform. He hopes to use his drive and expertise to make clean ammonia a success and to coordinate ISPT’s position in this new economy. “Right now, it is of extreme importance that we all head in the same direction. Hydrogen is a crucial element of the energy transition. And the industry is already considering alternatives. It is time to shine a more positive light on ammonia as an energy carrier to support the hydrogen industry and work towards a fossil free industry.” 

Rob: “This platform has a supporting role for the other initiatives that are already taken in the field of ammonia. In the coming years, I expect at least double production of ammonia. The market will slowly start to grow. Starting off with ammonia as shipping fuel, for example in the port of Rotterdam, and later as hydrogen carrier. This way, we can introduce ammonia into the energy transition. Working in consortia contributes to that. First, because we create and disseminate knowledge with relevant industrial partners. But also, because we can, for example, identify the safety, risks and economic benefits of ammonia and share those insights industry-wide.”

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