The way we work: terms and conditions

The way we work

ISPT offers an environment in which participants collaborate on innovations in confidence. It is important that all input from universities, knowledge institutions and companies is handled properly. All participants retain their rights to knowledge they already had before the start of a project.

If new rights arise during the collaboration, ISPT ensures that these rights are allocated to the participants in a fair manner. Among other things, participants within the project in question may apply their own results in their normal business operations.

Working together in confidence

ISPT is a unique platform where industry and academia converge and collaborate to create breakthrough innovations for sustainable process technology in the conversion of energy intensive to energy efficient. This is a big task for the energy intensive process industry. New directions, new approaches, new thinking are essential if we are to meet these challenges. We can only tackle this major issue if we work together in confidence.

Latest regulations

When we adjust our regulations, the amended regulations require the approval of our Supervisory Board. Our most recent amendment applied to the ISPT cluster and project regulations. It was decided to make these adjustments to ensure that the new regulations are fully in line with European and Dutch legislation, in this case the R&D&I framework. In this way, the rights and obligations of the participants in ISPT are clarified, among others.

The adjustment was made in collaboration with a lawyer from Dirkzwager in Arnhem, and was approved by the Supervisory Board on September 23, 2020. New regulations apply to all existing and new participants.

Supervisory Board and Academic Advisory Board

Our core team is supported by a Supervisory Board and an Academic Advisory Board. The ISPT Supervisory Board consists of appointed representatives of ISPT participants from the (process) industry, academic partners and SME’s. It supervises the ISPT managing board and provides advice and counsel.

The ISPT Academic Advisory Board guarantees the scientific quality of the activities and programs of ISPT. It consists of professors and academic representatives related to ISPT.