Carol Xiao - Program Manager Waterstof ISPT

Hi. My name is:

Carol Xiao

Director Business Development | Program Manager Hydrogen

“I have always been fascinated with innovation. Innovation is the driving force of an advanced sustainable society. What I enjoy most is that innovation can be disruptive: it can bring a real change to the world in how we interact, live or (economically) behave.”

Carol Xiao is our Program Manager Hydrogen. Every day, she dedicates her efforts to create a future society and economy that run on green hydrogen, instead of fossil fuels. She has a background in Chemical Engineering, studied at Technische Universiteit Delft and started her career in the chemical industry and high tech sector.

The earth keeps on spinning, even without us

Carol Xiao – expert green hydrogen

Carols former manager introduced her to ISPT, and she immediately recognised ISPT as a potential new work place for her to excel in. “I knew ISPT was a good fit for me, because it is not solely about innovation, but also about collaborating and networking. During my studies and former career, I felt like the emphasises on working together and collaboration was minimal. It was something I missed. I believe that, no matter how smart you are, you always need each other to innovate and realize those innovations.”

“The saying goes: alone you go faster, together you get further. I don’t believe that, I think you can also go faster together. That is what ISPT proves. It’s not always easy I admit that. You have to speak the same language and learn to understand each other. Whenever I talk to a new potential partner to join the HydroHub program, I always ask: what are your goals? Instead of going on about what ISPT wants to achieve. It is important to me that we can help each other. Sometimes a partner has a question that we can answer or has the resources that we need and sometimes it’s the other way around. ” 

“To my children I tried to explain exactly what my work entails. I told them that I’m trying to save the world. My daughter reacted very adequately to that: “First there were dinosaurs living here, and now we are.” I was surprised that she described it so well. Because the earth keeps on spinning, even if we continue at this pace. We have to make sure that the earth remains livable for us, and that can only be done with innovation, technology and cooperation. That is what I stand for and what I want to achieve. Not just for my daughter, but for all future generation and for everyone who lives on this planet.” 

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