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Carol Xiao

Director of Business Development

+31 6 2849 4183

Carol Xiao has an impressive background in Chemical Engineering from Technische Universiteit Delft and a rich experience in the chemical and high-tech sectors. At ISPT she serves as the Director of Business Development and is a renowned expert in sustainable energy.

Fueled by a lifelong fascination with innovation, Carol dedicates her efforts to transforming society towards reliance on green hydrogen instead of fossil fuels. She firmly believes that innovation can bring about disruptive, real-world changes in how we interact, live, and behave economically.

Carol’s knowledge extends beyond the lab and into the world, where she tracks global developments in hydrogen, particularly focusing on China, and tackles the broader aspects of the energy transition. Her proficiency covers circularity in industry, safety considerations, and the social acceptance of new technologies.

She is a key player in fostering collaboration between government, industry, and academia and is well-versed in Dutch subsidy structures for projects like hydrogen. Carol challenges the conventional belief that speed is compromised in teamwork, demonstrating through her role at ISPT that progress is achievable through collective efforts. Her initial approach with partners centers around understanding their goals, prioritizing their ambitions as much as ISPT’s, as she advocates for the mutual benefits of working together.

Carol’s passion extends beyond professional realms. She once described her role to her children as ‘an attempt to save the world’, highlighting the urgent need to ensure the Earth remains livable through innovation, technology, and cooperation. This narrative cements Carol’s dedication not only to the present generation but also to the future ones, underlining her resolve to create a sustainable world for all.

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Carol Xiao – Director of Business Development and expert on green hydrogen

Carol as a speaker

Carol Xiao is not only a leader in sustainable energy innovation, but she is also highly sought after as a speaker at (international) conferences and congresses. Her expertise and insights are shared widely in professional journals, where she discusses the importance of collaboration in energy and materials transitions.

Her engaging presentations and profound knowledge make her a respected voice in the field, inspiring others to join. Carol’s ability to convey complex concepts in an accessible manner makes her contributions invaluable in fostering global cooperation and understanding in the quest for sustainable solutions.

Are you interested in booking Carol as a speaker for your conference? Here is an overview of (inter)national conferences she was invited to speak in in recent years.

Carol Xiao - Director of Business Development bij ISPT

Carol Xiao in the media

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