Hi. My name is:

Ton Hulsebos

Patent Attorney & Legal Officer

+31 10 511 6375

Ton Hulsebos has been working for ISPT since the very start. After leaving Shell in 2004, he came across a job opportunity for a company named DSTI – now known as ISPT. Since then, Ton helps us with everything related to contractual works, intellectual property rights and other legal activities, combining his knowledge on the process industry with his legal background.

Ton: “A good friend from Shell once said: “Some research projects are meant to keep private. But whenever we encounter a problem that requires collaboration, we know we can always turn to ISPT.”  I think that describes best what we do here. ISPT is a safe environment. What they find here is an organization independent of the government that gives a voice to the industry within the energy and material transition.” 

ISPT gives a voice to the industry within the energy and material transition

Ton Hulsebos – Legal expert on contractual works and intellectual property rights

“My job is to make sure everything is handled correctly contract-wise, for instance I am working on a new regulation that facilitates the intellectual property rights concerned with our project. Sometimes my day-to-day work means I attend meetings with partners, but most of the time I dive into legal documents and regulations to make up the contracts. I have an interesting position here, because I can combine my knowledge from the field technically, as well as legally.”

“Besides, I get to work with an interesting group of people, the enthusiasm of the employees here is contagious. After all those years, I still feel at home here and I hope to hold on to that feeling for at least a few more years.”