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Tjeerd Jongsma, the Managing Director of the Institute for Sustainable Process Technology (ISPT) in Amersfoort, is a figure of inspiration and leadership in the realm of sustainable industry. Known for his charisma and determination, Tjeerd is a prominent figure in discussions about the future of sustainable industry, both in the Netherlands and internationally. He is convinced that the Netherlands can lead the sustainable transition and that the Dutch process industry is poised to be at the forefront of this change.

With his profound background in chemistry and a PhD from Shell, Tjeerd began his journey as an agro-technological researcher at Wageningen University and later took up significant roles at Friesland Campina. His path eventually led him to ISPT in 2010, driven by his passion and vision for the energy- and raw materials transition.

At ISPT, a Dutch non-profit organization dedicated to industrial sustainability, Tjeerd leads a team of hardworking individuals united by a common goal: to transition the Dutch industry to a fully circular and CO2-neutral state by 2050. He believes strongly that the Netherlands can be a frontrunner in this transition, leveraging collaboration and innovation. His role involves more than just management; it’s about building connections, fostering long-lasting relationships, and establishing trust with partners. He believes it’s possible to build a world that balances sustainability with our current level of comfort and convenience.

Tjeerd actively engages with journalists, offering insights into the complex challenges of making the industry more sustainable, the opportunities of a circular economy, and the collaborative efforts needed between government, industry, and academia.

Tjeerd believes that the Netherlands holds a key position in the energy- and material transition. “The first big step has already been taken: there is a sense of awareness. Now, we need to further mobilize the Netherlands. That means working together with companies – big or small -, knowledge institutions, academia and governance. At ISPT we can offer them a sense of direction. I would like to say that we, at ISPT, take the lead to facilitate this transition in the best way possible. With an eye for technology, innovation and people we can move boundaries and open new ways of working.”

I want to inspire other companies to move forward in a more sustainable direction

Tjeerd Jongsma – Director ISPT

Tjeerd’s work is a testament to his belief in the power of collective effort and innovation. He envisions a future where technology and cooperation lead to a sustainable society, a goal he tirelessly works towards, not just for the present but for future generations. His contributions extend beyond ISPT, as he shares his expertise and insights at various international conferences and publications, inspiring others to join the quest for a sustainable future.

More about Tjeerd

After a study in Chemistry and a PhD at Shell, Tjeerd Jongsma worked for Wageningen University as an agro-technological researcher. In 1996 he became Director of Food and Food processing. From 1999 he held the positions of Director Corporate Technology and Director Corporate Research at Friesland Campina.

His passion and vision to tackle the societal challenge of the energy and raw materials transition eventually brought him to ISPT where he took up the position of Managing Director in 2010.

Tjeerd Jongsma - Directeur ISPT
Tjeerd Jongsma – Directeur ISPT

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