Hans van 't Noordende - Technisch Projectleider ISPT

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Hans van ‘t Noordende

Principal Expert

As a graduate in Environmental Technology from Wageningen University & Research, with 25 years of experience in engineering and factory construction, Hans van ‘t Noordende is an expert in sustainable energy innovations. His expertise includes the industrial production, transportation, and storage of green hydrogen, as well as the use of clean ammonia as an energy carrier.

At the Institute for Sustainable Process Technology (ISPT) in Amersfoort, Hans works as a principal expert on hydrogen and ammonia. He focusses on integrating hydrogen and ammonia into the energy system, emphasizing power-to-X technologies. Hans is very passionate and uses his extensive knowledge to promote sustainable solutions for society.

Hans van ‘t Noordende offers expertise on in-depth questions about industrial production, transport, and storage of green hydrogen, electrolyzer technologies (alkaline, PEM, SOEC), process safety, permits, and electricity connections. His knowledge extends to the import and transport of (clean) ammonia and the integration of Power-to-X technologies for the production of green steel and sustainable aviation fuels.

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