Ronald Korstanje - Program Director Circulaire Plastics ISPT

Hi. My name is:

Ronald Korstanje

Program Director (Circular Plastics)

+31 6 4748 5569

Ronald Korstanje is program director of our Circular Plastics Initiative (CPI), a succesful collaboration between the Institute for Sustainable Process Technology (ISPT) and the Dutch Polymer Institute (DPI).

Ronald possesses profound knowledge in the sorting of plastic, various recycling techniques, and (thermo-)chemical depolymerization processes, including pyrolysis and gasification. And his professional vision is clear: to eliminate plastic waste from the world without forgoing the benefits of plastic. In this context, he dedicates his professional life to finding ways to produce plastics, without contributing to the already massive mountain of plastic waste.

Ronald: “Mechanical recycling has its limitations, as nearly 75% of household plastic waste cannot be reused in this manner. This waste comprises a mix of different packaging films, other single-use plastics with occasional labels, a stray banana peel, and other contaminants. Chemical recycling presents a solution, allowing a much larger amount of plastic waste to be processed into raw materials for new products. These techniques, aimed at processing polyolefins such as polyethylene and polypropylene, require further improvement for efficient recycling.”

Ronald Korstanje is keen to share his insights on the future of sustainable plastics and the impact of sorting innovations on the efficiency of recycling processes. He has a background as a bio-process technologist, graduating from WUR, is the driving force behind our annual Circular Plastics Conference and also a co-initiator of the Growth Fund program CPNL. Beyond his professional commitments, he dedicates his free time to supporting his two sons, both of whom are pursuing goals in competitive swimming. Their aspirations and achievements in the sports world are an integral part of his life.