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Anne van der Zwaan

Program Manager (Drying and Dewatering, Mild Fractionation for Food)

+31 6 5152 6798

Anne van der Zwaan has been working at ISPT for over a decade. First as Program Officer for the European Horizon projects, and later for the Drying & Dewatering program, the Mild Fractionation for Food program, and the The Heat is On project. 

Within ISPT, Anne is praised for her broad background. Among many other functions, she has been a  European Marketing & Communications Manager for innovative international companies, a dedicated translator of patents in chemical and mechanical engineering designs, and a former board member of the Chamber of Commerce. Through these expertises she recognizes the strength of networking and connecting companies and people.  

It’s exciting to discover that competing companies are willing to work together

Anne van der Zwaan

Anne van der Zwaan: “Listening to the needs of our industrial partners, discovering the common grounds to work with their peers and translating this to a relevant and consistant program, is of large importance and key to accelerate transitions. Building a consortium is fantastic. It’s exciting to discover that competing companies are willing to work closely together on the issues they share. They recognize the need to cooperate in order to benefit the processing industry overall.” 

“From identifying an issue, putting together a project proposal, monitoring such a dedicated project from kick-off until end results, every aspect of this road is an exciting journey. Nowadays our driving force for an energy transition and ways to produce enough, nutrient rich food has become more urgent than ever. With the geopolitical situation in Europe , with significant changes in weather conditions and with a growing mondial population it is on everyone’s agenda now. I am proud to be able to contribute to some of the building blocks for solutions on these humongous challenges.” 

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