Boelo Schuur - Program Director

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Boelo Schuur

Program Director (Separations for Circularity)

+31 6 1417 8235

Boelo Schuur was born and raised in Groningen. He has a background in Chemical Engineering and continued his education with a degree in teaching, but after a year of teaching, Boelo decided it was time for a new challenge. So he pursued a PhD in Chemical Engineering at the University of Groningen, where he specialized in separation processes. Since obtaining his PhD in 2008, Boelo has been involved in several ISPT projects.

Boelo’s expertise spans a wide range of areas, primarily focusing on molecular separation processes crucial to industries from pharmaceuticals to chemicals. He finds the recycling of complex streams, such as plastics, particularly fascinating, concentrating on the recovery and reuse of valuable components. His diverse skill set and deep understanding of these processes enable him to effectively lead in his role as a program director.

His broad exposure to diverse projects has given Boelo a comprehensive understanding of the Dutch industrial landscape. He recognizes the growing significance of sustainability in industry and believes that through collaborative research and innovation ISPT’s consortia can significantly contribute to making industrial production processes more sustainable.

ISPT holds promising initiatives for a more sustainable Dutch economy

Boelo Schuur, expert on sustainable separation technology

In his role as a chemical technologist and professor in separation technology, Boelo focuses on developing sustainable separation processes. His work includes making existing production methods in the chemical, biochemical, food, and pharmaceutical industries more sustainable by reducing energy consumption and CO2 emissions. He also dedicates himself to creating new production routes based on renewable sources, like biorefining and recycling, including pathways for biological polymers and raw materials for the chemical industry. An essential area of his research is the circularity of (critical) metals.   

Journalists can seek Boelo Schuur’s expertise for insights into chemical production processes, their sustainability, and the latest developments in bio-based chemistry and recycling. His expertise extends to metal recycling, recycling various hydrocarbons through techniques like dissolution, pyrolysis, and gasification, and developing biorefining processes.

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