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National Industrial Hydrogen Conference

National Industrial Hydrogen Conference


Over the last years the expectations of the green hydrogen market have grown tremendously. Gigawatt plans are announced globally left and right, and green hydrogen is presented as the golden bullet solution for the energy transition to reduce CO2 emissions. At ISPT we work together with our Hydrohub Innovation partners on the scale-up of electrolysis-based production of sustainable, low-cost hydrogen, as a driver for circular industrial chains. However, to reach this goal and achieve our commitment to the climate by 2030, we have to get our feet on the ground and start running.  

Wednesday the 1st of November we invite you to our National Industrial Hydrogen Conference. During our event we will dive deep into the quest how to lift the hydrogen economy off the ground in the Netherlands. The central question we will explore this afternoon is: “What is needed most at this moment in time to make the hydrogen economy a reality?”  


The conference will bring together stakeholders from the industry, legislators, NGOs and knowledge institutes. What steps are we going to take and how are policymakers and the finance sector going to help materialize the first steps in The Netherlands? High-level speakers, panel debates and plenary sessions will inspire these discussions. Leading organizations will disclose follow-up activities and there will be ample opportunity to connect and network.

For whom?

The event provides relevant insights to a wide range of participants, including: 

  • Industry representatives who are developing hydrogen projects  
  • Manufacturing sector representatives working on green hydrogen technologies 
  • Legislators shaping the green hydrogen & energy policies 
  • Research centers and knowledge institutes active in the field 
  • Non-governmental organizations (NGOs) focused on sustainability 

Date and time

November 1, 2023 13:30 – 17:30


De Soester Duinen
Soesterbergsestraat 188
3768 MD, Soest


During this conference, the primary language is English

12.00 – 13.30 | Registration & lunch

13.30 – 13.45 | A warm welcome

How does ISPT support the energy transition, what is the importance of the hydrogen economy, and what do we expect to learn today? Tjeerd Jongsma (Director at ISPT) will officially open the event by shining light on these questions. 

13.45 – 15.00 | Policies and Actions

The first part of the conference we focus on the policymakers perspective. Our keynote speaker, Gijs Postma, MT-member Energy Markets Directorate at Ministry Economic Affairs & Climate Policy, will discuss the existing policies directed at realizing the green hydrogen economy and how the current Dutch policy intends to transition from ambition to action. 

We follow with the first panel discussion, representing Alice Krekt, Director of NLHydrogen, Joris Thijssen, Member of Parliament for Partij van de Arbeid, and Ad van Wijk, Emeritus Professor Future Energy Systems at TU Delft. Together they will go deeper into what the industry needs from the policymakers and vice versa to materialize the envisioned steps towards a green hydrogen economy. 

15.00 – 15.30 | Coffee Break 

15.30 – 16.15 | Hydrohub Innovation Program 

Andreas ten Cate (Program Director System Integration at ISPT) will take you through the highlights of the Hydrohyb Innovation Program. Furthermore, he will explore opportunities of the complex setting in which we are currently operating with hydrogen.  

Thereafter, Alice Krekt and Andreas ten Cate will together talk about the cooperation with the industry. They will discuss how NLHydrogen and ISPT operate in the field of hydrogen producers, technology developers, the Dutch market and local and international policies and protocols.  

Last but not least we have the very special official launch of the Hydrogen Safety Public Report. 

16.15 – 17.15 | Financial investments in Hydrogen – Opportunities and Risks 

It is clear that building the hydrogen economy requires huge investments. How to manage the financial risks and remove the obstacles to grab the opportunities that lie in front of us? Hyung-Ja de Zeeuw, Executive Director of Rabobank, will moderate this panel session with Nicole Vermeulen, Chief Industrial Officer at Hy24, Afkenel Schipstra, Head of Hydrogen Uniper Benelux, and Ed Buddenbaum, Program Manager GroenvermogenNL. 

Together they will debate the challenges of the financial sector in accelerating and scaling up the hydrogen economy.  

Drinks & Networking

Afterwards, you are invited to stay for drinks & bites and meet your peers.

We invited an impressive line-up of people to cover various topics. (soon more)


Special offer: our unique Combi Ticket gives you access to both the Clean Ammonia Event (31-10) ánd the National Hydrogen Conference (1-11).

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The National Industrial Hydrogen Conference is supported by TKI Energie & Industrie, TKI Nieuw Gas, NLHydrogen
and Groenvermogen