Industry 4.0: digitalising the process industry


Industrial plants can benefit from digitalisation – like artificial intelligence and sensors – to enable efficient use of energy and resources. Our program Digitalisation (also called Industry 4.0) supports the application of digital technologies in research, operations, and maintenance.

Digital technology can improve traceability of transactions and enable certification of green products and energy. This way we can obtain predictive quality, predictive cost, predictive supply and predictive maintenance, and to enable information sharing across the supply and value chain and across production plants.

Internet of things & Industry 4.0

Current technological advances in communication, connectivity, computing and artificial intelligence lead to future industrial plants where equipment is augmented with sensors and wireless connectivity. It’s linked to a system that can visualise the entire production, control it, and make decisions on its own.

This is the concept of Industry 4.0, that includes aspects such as smart manufacturing, smart factories and the industrial internet of things.

Topics and activities

Main topics are:

The consortium consists of 25 partners and is linked with multiple networks on digitalisation, like the Dutch AI Coalition. Together we work on enabling the Netherlands to be part of the front runners in Europe in the field of knowledge and application of AI.

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