I40-20-03 SAAI

SAAI – Social Acceptance of AI in Industry

The SAAI project focuses on accelerating the implementation of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in industry, leading to an energy use reduction of 5-40%, an increased competitiveness of industry, and increased economic activities of Dutch AI providers.

SAAI investigates the acceptance and connection with end users and management to improve the success rate of AI implementation in industry. The long term goal of the project is an accelerated implementation of AI in industry which enables an energy usage reduction of 5-40%. In addition, improving the competitiveness of industry and increased economic activities of Dutch AI providers is a crucial focus. The results are applicable to the set-up of new industrial value chains and industrial symbiosis.

In addition, we are also part of the Dutch AI Coalition, which aims to enable the Netherlands to be part of the front runners in Europe in the field of knowledge and application of AI.

The central themes in social acceptance of AI in industry partly overlap with the themes in social acceptance of AI and data-driven transition in the built-environment and can be used in the data driven transition in the built-environment. The project stimulates the discussion on this topic by organizing dialogue sessions and Serious Game sessions.

For the industry, a successful use of AI and the use of Big Data, from existing and new sources, gives opportunities for improved process control, increased quality of the end products and an improved competitive position.

Download our whitepaper

The project resulted in a whitepaper in which clear solutions are suggested for obstacles related to the social acceptance of AI. You can download the whitepaper ‘Responsible innovation for the acceptance of AI in the process industry’ in our Knowledge Base.

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Acknowledgement & partners

This project is co-funded with subsidy from the Topsector Energie by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy.