Carol Xiao Hydrogen speaker and expert

Carol Xiao: speaker on green hydrogen, ammonia and circular carbon

Are you looking for a inspiring and leading speaker on green hydrogen, ammonia or carbon? Carol Xiao deliveres keynotes, talks and moderates sessions to elucidate the current developments, emerging innovations, and the path forward toward a sustainable economy.

Carol Xiao works for the Dutch non-profit organisation the Institute for Sustainable Process Technology (ISPT) in Amersfoort. She channels her efforts toward shaping a future society and economy powered by green hydrogen, steering away from fossil fuels. Her substantial expertise in the green hydrogen domain and her adeptness in fostering connections among stakeholders are greatly appreciated.

December 2023: speaker at Berlin Electrolyser Conference and GroenewaterstofhuisNL

In December Carol Xiao attended the Berlin Electrolyser Conference, a global technical summit focusing on the development, manufacturing, deployment, and industrial integration of next-generation electrolysers. Alongside our Principal Expert, Hans van ‘t Noordende, Carol highlighted the latest advancements in water electrolysis technologies for green hydrogen production. 

In December Carol Xiao also participated in GroenewaterstofhuisNL. The sessions explored “Learning from Innovation: Experiences of Pioneers in the Hydrogen Sector” and discussed “How should test facilities look in the Netherlands? The utility and necessity of test facilities.”

November 2023: Grand Kick-off MegaWatt Test Centre and Industrial Hydrogen Conference

In November, Carol Xiao participated in the “Grand Kick-off MegaWatt Test Centre Commissioning and Research Phase,” initiated by ISPT’s Hydrohub Innovation Program. The MegaWatt Test Center, designed for experimentation across a broad operational range, was introduced as an open innovation facility.

During the National Industrial Hydrogen Conference Carol took a deep dive into the challenges of establishing the hydrogen economy in the Netherlands.

October 2023: World Hydrogen Week 

In October, the 4th annual World Hydrogen Week made its comeback to Rotterdam, running concurrently with the World Hydrogen Intelligence Day and Global Hydrogen Projects Summit. Carol Xiao presided over the Renewable Hydrogen Production session, featuring a lineup of exceptional speakers.

September 2023: speaker at ALLICE 2023 conference

In September the ALLICE 2023 conference, themed “Decarbonize Industry: Act Now and Innovate for Tomorrow,” unfolded in Paris. Carol Xiao, alongside Jimmy Faria Albanese, delivered a presentation on one of our innovative projects, namely, “Amazing: Innovative Green Chemistry.”

May 2023: moderation sessions an AmmoniaWebinar and Hydrogen-Africa Green H2 Investment Forum 

In May Carol Xiao participated in the Ammonia Energy Association Webinar, delivering a talk on the imperative need for large-scale renewable ammonia production facilities at the gigawatt scale. The focus was particularly on scaling flexible ammonia production in China to gigawatt proportions. 

On May 25, 2023, Carol moderated the session “The Use of Critical Materials in Future Electrolysis Technologies” at the Hydrogen-Africa Green H2 Investment Forum in Paris. She collaborated with Peter Paul van ‘t Veen, Business Development Director Innovation for Development at TNO. 

Carol Xiao also represented ISPT at the World Hydrogen 2023 Summit & Exhibition, showcasing ISPT and its projects at the exhibition. 

April 2023: Circular Carbon Strategy Day 

April 20th, Carol Xiao was a part of the Circular Carbon Strategy Day together with our Circular Carbon partners and stakeholders.

March 2023: World Electrolysis Congress 

In March (14-16, 2023), the World Electrolysis Congress took place in Dusseldorf, Germany, with a focus on exploring the opportunities and challenges of electrolyzer technology for clean hydrogen production. Carol Xiao played a crucial role as a session moderator, leading discussions on strategies to stimulate green hydrogen demand, ensuring bankability and enhancing off-take.

February 2023: Green Hydrogen Europe  

On February 14th, Carol Xiao participated in the session titled “Building Commercial-Scale Projects – What’s Needed?” alongside Carsten Borchers, Samia Robbins, and Arnout de Pee, as part of the 3rd Annual Conference “Green Hydrogen Europe” held in Amsterdam.

Looking for an experienced speaker for your event?

Carol Xiao is our Director Business Development. She has a background in Chemical Engineering and has developed an extensive knowledge on green hydrogen innovation and development.

Carol is an experienced speaker and loves to share her knowledge with a variety of audiences during conferences, symposia or other tech-, energy- or innovation related events.

Carol Xiao - Program Manager Waterstof ISPT
Carol Xiao