PTTP is a talent program for HBO students in the process technology

PTTP – Process Technology Talent Program

ISPT’s Process Technology Talent Program (PTTP) is a talent program for promising HBO students who want to drive sustainability in the process technology. 

Our aim is to provide talented students with in-depth knowledge about process technology, sustaianbility and the latest innovations and we provide them with a network that accelerates their career.

The program comes on top of the HBO studies and consists of courses, industry visits, industrial assignments, visits to congresses and meetings of industrial experts. Lectures are provided by leading experts from institutes, universities and industrial companies all over the Netherlands. 

During the program the student selects one of these themes:

  • Sustainability and Sustainable production
  • Energy Technology and the Energy Transition in process industry
  • Digitilization and Industry 4.0
  • Advanced Processing Technology
  • Responsible Innovation & Engineering

Every part of PTTP was an enrichment to my personal and professional development


Wanted: talented students

PTTP is a 1,5 year talent program tailored for HBO students in the field of chemical or food technology. You’ll take part in the program alongside your regular HBO studies. You will become a member of the ISPT community and get:

  • A growing network in the industry and among fellow talented young professionals
  • Access to internships and job opportunities, as part of a preselected group recognized by the process technology community
  • Insights and application knowledge for the theory you learned
  • An honours degree in communication with your institute

What does the Process Technology Talent Program entail?

  • A program on top of your HBO studies
  • A program both online and in class
  • A program with a fixed part and a flexible part, based on your personal interests
  • A 1,5 year program followed by a period to compensate missed items

Your intensive contact with the process industry starts immediately after enrolling. You’re welcomed in the business world from the moment of your first interview. Our industrial partners select candidates, present casestudies, organize company visits and define assignments that you work on as a group. They are looking forward to meeting Dutch top talents in process technology and have the opportunity to introduce them to their companies.

Are you eligable?

  • You are in your 2nd year of your HBO studies
  • You completed the 1st year of your studies without any delay and with an average of 7,5 or up
  • You want to prepare yourself for a promising career within the process industry
  • You have good English verbal, writing and listening skills

Application is closed for 2022. For more information, please contact us at

For organizations

From 2013 onwards, the PTTP has been optimally preparing HBO (polytechnic) students for a job in the process industry. Industry and knowledge institutions have carefully selected these talents from the top 4% HBO process technology students.

Become a partner in our Process Technology Talent Program (PTTP), and get in touch with top students in the Netherlands in the area of process technology.

The partnership

As a partner of the PTTP you have the possibility to actively contribute to the education program. By doing so, your technology can be incorporated in the orientation program. For example, you can provide casestudies that illustrate current developments relevant for your company. In addition, you can offer a lecture by one of your organization’s key experts.

You will play a key role in the business orientation of the talents. For instance, by offering an internship where students work on the development or improvement of an existing technology. The students will get to know your company during company visits. As a result, you will be seen as a promising potential employer for a talented group of students.