PTTP is a talent program for HBO students in the process technology

PTTP – Process Technology Talent Program

ISPT’s Process Technology Talent Program (PTTP) was a talent program for promising HBO students who want to drive sustainability in the process technology. 

Our aim was to provide talented students with in-depth knowledge about process technology, sustaianbility and the latest innovations and we provided them with a network that accelerates their career.

The program came on top of the HBO studies and consists of courses, industry visits, industrial assignments, visits to congresses and meetings of industrial experts. Lectures were provided by leading experts from institutes, universities and industrial companies all over the Netherlands. 

During the program the student selected one of these themes:

  • Sustainability and Sustainable production
  • Energy Technology and the Energy Transition in process industry
  • Digitilization and Industry 4.0
  • Advanced Processing Technology
  • Responsible Innovation & Engineering

Every part of PTTP was an enrichment to my personal and professional development


The program is closed as of 2022.

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