Andreas ten Cate - Program Director

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Andreas ten Cate

Program Director (Hydrogen, Tekenkamer van de Industrie)

+31 6 1587 4702

Andreas Ten Cate, with over 10 years at ISPT, holds the critical role of Program Director for System Integration. His extensive knowledge in sustainable industry, ranging from heat and water to energy, positions him uniquely within ISPT. Andreas, who obtained a PhD in Chemical Engineering, has a background in process and operational improvement in the chemical industry and experience at Tata Steel. This diverse experience gives him a profound perspective on the field, allowing him to easily see the connections between projects and (potential) partners, the elements of technology coming together and the knowledge needed in specific situations or specific technologies.

His transition to ISPT was driven by his passion for collaboration, which he views as central to ISPT’s mission. Andreas ten Cate thrives in bringing together knowledge from various disciplines and working with a wide array of partners, contributing to significant advancements in sustainability. He sees his role as initiating and organizing new projects, gathering industry leaders, partners, and universities, and coordinating efforts related to the energy transition.

One of his notable achievements at ISPT is the Gigawatt project, an advanced design of a large hydrogen factory involving collaboration with over 100 international parties. This project, a significant milestone, has become a symbol of ISPT’s impact and capability in the sustainability sector.

Our design of a hydrogen factory left ISPT an improbable business card

Andreas ten Cate – expert on everything sustainability-related

Andreas is motivated by his natural curiosity and eagerness to witness the unfolding of the energy transition and to understand the roles that ISPT, companies, governance, and technology will play in this critical global shift. His commitment to sustainability is not just professional but deeply personal, driven by the desire to contribute to the world and leave it a better place for future generations.

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