CRUISE – Cost Reduction Industrial Heatpumps

  • Project leader
  • Simon Spoelstra
  • ECN part of TNO

The objective of this project is to develop 50% less expensive heat pump technology that generates heat in an economically feasible way for industrial applications, using waste heat and (renewable) electricity. This technology can be applied cross sectoral and offers large energy savings. The cost target range is between 150-200 €/kWth.

About the project

The project starts with identifying the specific needs of the industrial end-users and the specific requirements of heat pump integration, by close cooperation between industrial end-users and technology providers. Options for cost reduction are identified by the technology providers and ECN and assessed in a separate work package. Two heat pump concepts (compression & thermoacoustic) will be manufactured and tested that meet the cost objective of this project. Testing of both concepts will be carried out by ECN. A separate work package is devoted to defining the market potential, including dissemination, carried out by ISPT and FME.

CRUISE - TA Heatpump
Artist impression of TA Heat Pump


The results of the project will be two heat pump concepts that will make industry more competitive and energy efficient with a wide support from the different sectors. At the same time, technology suppliers develop these new products for a (worldwide) market, which enables them to be more competitive and extend their product portfolio. Based on the information that is obtained early in the CRUISE project, the program will be further developed for a full-scale compression heat pump, meeting the cost targets. This ensures that momentum is maintained. The CRUISE project covers TRL7 for the compression heat pump and TRL5-6 for the TA system.

Go here to downloadt the final project report.

Grant provider

This project is co-funded with subsidy from the Topsector Energy by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy.

Sustainable development goals

This project contributes to the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Project partners

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