C2V - Carbon2Value

C2V – Carbon2Value

Innovative CO2 separation technology aims to reduce emissions in steel industry. This project revolves around an innovative technology with the potential to  reduce CO2 emissions across the major energy intensive steel sector by 30-45%.

In short:

  • Reducing emissions in the steel industry
  • New innovative technology to decrease CO2 emissions by 30-35 percent
  • Studying two valorization routes

The consortium aims to use the technology to separate CO2 streams and valorize CO and potentially CO2 in the future. Two valorization routes will be studied during the project, i.e. ethanol as a drop-in transportation fuel and synthetic naphtha as a drop-in chemical building block. The Carbon2Value consortium consists of five partners and ArcelorMittal as project leader.

The project objective

The objective is to demonstrate the potential of reduction of GHG emissions in the steel sector by 30+%, by implementing a cost efficient breakthrough solution for the separation of CO2&CO unavoidably emitted. This will be achieved by processing in a pilot line carbon rich gases into 2 streams, one rich in CO and another one in CO2 that could be valorised into promising chemical building blocks in the future. We will also take into account the reuse of any by-products to further induce fossil fuels’ replacement and GHG emissions reductions.

Acknowledgement & partners

Carbon2Value has received funding from the Interreg 2 Seas programme 2014-2020 co-funded by the European Regional Development Fund under subsidy contract Carbon2Value2S01-094.