Antonie de Haas - Program Officer ISPT

Hi. My name is:

Antonie de Haas

Program Officer

It has become evident that the challenges the industry is facing have become too big for companies to deal with on their own. We need to bundle our powers. Meet Antonie de Haas, our Program Officer for Electrification and Carbon Capture.

After studying Product & Process Technology in Groningen and a graduation assignment in the industry at Teijin, Antonie was eager to learn more on future (energy) systems. So he applied for the Nationaal Energietraineeship, which led him to ISPT.

“I came in touch with ISPT through the traineeship and immediatly saw a good match between us: I wanted to do  something with materials science applied to sustainability. ISPT offered me a chance to look at the process industry in a broader way. What I like is that we do not solely exists for the industry, but also look at governance, human-capital, SMEs, NGOs and knowledge institutions. It paints a broad picture of what is happening.”  

For organizations to meet their sustainability goals, they have to electrifiy their processes

Antonie de Haas – works on electrification and carbon capture

“Since starting here, I have been concerned with setting-up and facilitating projects for both the Electrification and Circular Carbon programs. Electrification is a prominent topic that effects almost everyone working in the industry. For organizations to meet their sustainability goals, they have to electrifiy their processes. We help them by dissecting, evaluating and finally answering the questions that they have regarding that. This makes my work relevant and meaningful.”

Circular Carbon projects often feel like a shot in the dark. There is still much to learn on how we can use carbon in a sustainable industry, making it a challenging topic. If I had to chose between the two of them, I would be torn forever.  If anything,  I found out that this organization and our way of work suits me really well.” 

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