ENCORE – nExt geNeration COmpRession hEat pump

  • Project leader
  • Simon Spoelstra
  • TNO

The ENCORE project, aims to significantly increase the uptake of heat pumps in the industry. To achieve this, the project will demonstrate enhancement of compression heat pump performance by using a pilot scale test unit.


The project consists of different parts that will altogether yield a series of technological improvements for high temperature compression heat pumps. The project results will describe the impact of various changes made to a regular compression heat pump. They will also provide insights for companies into the benefits and possible challenges when applying these heat pumps in their processes. All of these results will allow the high temperature compression heat pump to make the next step towards a wider market introduction.

fot. Simon Spoelstra (ECN.TNO)

The consortium consists of ECN.TNO as the coordinator and the partners: Recoy; ISPT; Bronswerk Heat Transfer; Tata Steel; DOW; SmurfitKappa; DSM and LWM.


The results will consist of:
– technological improvements for high temperature compression heat pumps (ex. new working media, innovative cycles and components and dynamic control).
– reports will be delivered describing the impact of various changes to the regular compression heat pump and insight for companies regarding the feasibility and challenges of applying high temperature compression heat pumps.

Grant provider

This project is co-funded with subsidy from the Topsector Energy by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy.

Sustainable development goals

This project contributes to the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Project partners

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