Rekenkamer van de Industrie: the base for better investments

Tekenkamer van de Industrie

Process technologists have a growing need for fact-based information and computational tools. Since transitioning to a circular value chain is a complex process, they are confronted with many different parties and possible choices. The Tekenkamer voor de Industrie provides fact-based models and tools to explore these choices and make better investments for the future.

One of the major challenges of the industry is discovering how plans of individual companies can be designed in such a way that the transition will be both effective and financially valuable. All while the factory remains open.

The Tekenkamer voor de Industrie works with fact-based models and tools that that will help you make better strategic choices for the future. It’s a common base to start from.

Making better investments

Tekenkamer van de Industrie is an open, transparant and trust-based community. As a participant you work within the community on your own transition questions.

With the Tekenkamer you gain:

  • Access to all available planning and system integration tools
  • Access to best practices
  • Being part of the dialogue between industry, government and grid operators
  • Being part of the development of new transition strategy tools
  • Being part of a like-minded community within the industry
  • Jointly forming and propagating a vision

This will lead to a higher quality of decision-making about strategic investments in your industrial portfolio of the future.

Available tools

The Carbon Transition Model was developed at the initiative of ISPT by a broad consortium of companies and societal organizations. This model maps out raw material, energy and emission flows for carbon-intensive companies, and predicts how these flows change with different options for achieving sustainability.

HyChain systematically maps choices in hydrogen technology, solution routes, alternatives and influence of factors such as subsidies and taxes on, for example, CO2. Both the Carbon Transition Model and HyChain (TEACOS), are already in use for a.o. CES2.0 and II3050.

The Tekenkamer has an explicit ambition to provide more existing and new models in the near future.

Any questions or enquiries?

Please contact us. We are happy to share our kwowledge.

More information

Partners will pay for an annual subscription. This includes maintenance, management and support for the existing models. New projects and initiatives require seperate financing.

The Tekenkamer van de Industrie will take the lead in:


  • Maintenance and providing access to data
  • Keeping the models up-to-date
  • Development of scenario’s for the industry


  • Deliver support for the usage of the models (helpdesk)
  • Working together with the models in clusters:
    • Share best practices
    • Mutual alignment
    • A continue improvement by working together
    • A community for strategic issues


  • Communicating insights
  • Developing projects and initiatives