Paco Rutten - Program Officer

Hi. My name is:

Paco Rutten

Program Officer (Circular Plastics, Electric Cracking)

+31 6 4225 9645

Paco Rutten is known within ISPT as a musician, a social butterfly and a real go-getter. During his master studies in Sustainable Development at Utrecht University, Paco collaborated with ISPT as a junior researcher for the Carbon Transition Model. Later he continued to work on his master thesis on this topic. And finally, he joined ISPT again through the National Energy Traineeship.

After his studies, Paco applied for the National Energy Traineeship, for which he was employed fulltime at ISPT.  “I enjoyed working together with ISPT during my studies. But because of the traineeship, I started to recognize the value of ISPT beyond their industry impact. I quickly realized that this is an organization that fits my personal goals and ambitions as well.”  

Working together is the only way to get a grasp on the challenges of today

Paco Rutten, Program Officer

“Team work, sustainability and striving to make an impact, are values that lay very close to my heart. Furthermore, I have a strong personal drive to take action when it comes to climate urgency. These qualities fit perfectly with ISPT’s mission. At ISPT, working together is at our core. We are an inclusive organization where everyone –  from inside and outside the industry – can find a place. Together we work cutting edge innovations that contribute to a more sustainable tomorrow. Besides, our projects have a great social impact that cannot be overlooked. I’d like to describe ISPT as an approachable organization where everyone is welcome. Our story, is the story of our partners.”  

In the past two years, Paco Rutten has grown to be an indispensable link within team ISPT. He works for the Circular Plastics and Electric Cracking programs. “Within circular plastics, I support all ongoing processes. From project initiation to start-up and implementation. I work closely with Klaartje Rietkerken and Ronald Korstanje. A milestone, for example, was the creation of the Circular Plastics Roadmap. Electric Cracking I find equally challenging. It’s something that has grown to be more important in the industry and society. I enjoy seeing those developments up close and actively contributing to them.” 

“A personal goal is to never stop learning and doing. In the future, I hope to broaden my international horizons. A few years ago I moved Hong Kong to do a six month internship. A valuable experience, that has taught me a lot on cultural differences. I also want to further develop my passion for music. I play in an orchestra, and would like to practice more instruments. What I enjoy most about music, is seeing how multiple links can come together to form something beautiful. I tend to see ISPT in the same way.” 

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