Ammomnia Pipeline Safety

Ammonia Pipeline Safety

Increasingly large volumes of clean ammonia are expected to be imported in the coming years. Clean ammonia provides a valuable alternative to fossil fuels to decarbonize industry and the energy system. These large volumes are expected to be transported to the hinterland by pipeline rather than traditional methods such as barges or rail tank cars. The Clean Ammonia Platform is doing a study on safety design and risk impact of ammonia pipelines to explore ways to safely transport large volumes of ammonia by pipeline in North-West Europe.  

In short:

  • Clean ammonia is expected to become increasingly important for energy and industry
  • Unprecedented quantities of ammonia will have to be transported thorugh North-Western Europe
  • The Ammonia Pipeline Safety project aims to explore ways to safely transport large volumes of ammonia by pipeline

The need for safe transportation of ammonia

With almost 90 million tonnes expected to be imported to North-West Europe in 2050, clean ammonia has potential to become an important alternative to decarbonize industry and the energy system. Though this clean ammonia will arrive at the harbours of among others Rotterdam and Antwerp, it will have to be transported to industrial clusters in the hinterland. The safety of transport modalities such as train, barge, and pipeline need to be assessed.

Study: safety aspects of ammonia pipeline transport

In this desk study the safety aspects of large ammonia pipeline transport over long distances in the Netherlands and Germany will be assessed. Among others, risk and mitigation strategies will be studied. The study will be performed by an independent consulting company.

About the Clean Ammonia Platform

The Ammonia Pipeline Safety project is the result of findings coming from the Clean Ammonia Roadmap. The roadmap as well as this project have come in existence through a collaborative effort by the ISPT Clean Ammonia Platform, consisting of partners from industry and government, as well as external organizations. 

The Clean Ammonia Platform has 2 key functions:   

  • Building a community to exchange knowledge, market development and needs
  • Working towards innovation projects and activities to strengthening your own business

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