Podcast BEAP on innovative technologies and sustainable process technology

Podcast on innovative technologies and sustainable process technology

Listen to our podcast series called BEAP, hosted by our own Nathan Bowden. In this series Nathan highlights collaborations between the Dutch process industry and innovative SMEs who are creating technologies for a sustainable tomorrow.

Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in the Netherlands are very good in developing technologies that can drastically lower the energy use of industrial processes. In a project called BEAP – Bundled Early Adapter Projects, ISPT is working alongside SMEs to make sure their technologies suite the specific needs of Dutch industrial partners. In this podcast series you hear 4 of their stories.

Episode 1 – Lowering the energy consumption at a factory

In this first episode, Nathan Bowden talks with Marco Pipolo (from Bunge Loders Croklaan) and Petrus Cuperus (from SolSep) on how the plant-based fat and oil industry can drastically lower their energy consumption with the help of a Dutch startup.

Episode 2 – Working together on membrane technology

In this second episode, Nathan Bowden talks with Jan Henk Hanemaaijer (i3 Innovative Technologies) and Patrick de Wit (EMI Twente) on working together on an energy saving membrane distillation technology for industrial process water.

Episode 3 – Making circular office furniture

In this episode, Nathan Bowden talks with Martijn Vinke (Triboo) on how he contributes to establish a circular economy by creating office furniture from upcycled office cast-offs.

Episode 4 – Making cellulose from waste

In this fourth episode, Nathan Bowden talks with Erik Pijlman and Yme Flapper from Recell, an SME extracting cellulose from residual streams.

About Nathan Bowden

Nathan was born in Indiana, U.S. and moved to the Netherlands for an exchange program during his Masters in Environmental Sciences at TU Delft. Besides his function as a Program Manager in Industrial Fluids Processing, Nathan is in charge of our Process Technology Talent Program (PTTP) for HBO students and stimulates and develops several other learning community and human capital projects. These things lay close to Nathan’s heart.

Nathan Bowden - Program Manager Industrial Fluids Processing
Nathan Bowden – Program Manager at ISPT

About BEAP

BEAP stands for the Bundled Early Adaptor Project. The BEAP-project was set up to to help SMEs make contact with the industry and to localize and develop their technologies to suite the specific needs of Dutch industrial partners.