Annemijn Huijboom - Program Officer

Hi. My name is:

Annemijn Huijboom

Program Officer (Circular Plastics, Drying and Dewatering, Mild Fractionation for Food)

+31 6 3877 4494

It all began with a dream of becoming a pilot. Annemijn Huijboom grew up in Haarlem and had been dreaming of attending the KLM Flight Academy since a young age. However, her path took a different turn: as she decided to persue a degree in Technische Bedrijskunde instead, driven by her interest in technology, physics, and mathematics. It was during her second year of studies that she encountered the subject of sustainability. “I immediately thought: we want to do something about this.” And her passion began to ignite. 

“In my third year, I had the opportunity to do a minor in Environmental Engineering in Switzerland, Lucerne. Through this, I was able to combine theoretical knowledge of ecology and earth systems with current challenges in sustainability. This experience helped me develop a holistic perspective on the prominent themes of climate change.” To further expand her knowledge gained in Lucerne, Annemijn embarked on a Master’s program in Environmental Resource Management at the Vrije Universiteit (VU). In 2021, she completed her studies with a Thesis on electric vehicles at TNO. Not long after, she started with the National Energy Traineeship program, through which she found her way to ISPT. 

Just like my collegues at ISPT I have a holistic perspective on the prominent themes of climate change

Annemijn Huijboom – Program Officer at ISPT

“My work at ISPT is incredibly diverse”, Annemijn explains. Not only does she work on various programs (Circular Plastics, Drying and Dewatering, Mild Fractionation for Food), but her roles also vary from day to day. “Every day is different. I organize events, write projectpages, review reports, handle administrative tasks, maintain contact with partners, or delve into project content. In between, I switch between different programs and projects.” 

Additionally, on Fridays, Annemijn attends coaching and works for her traineehsip projects. “This provides me with diverse perspectives on the energy transition from many different angles and (industrial) actors. As I personally place a high value on self-improvement and learning, the combination of the traineeship and my role at ISPT offers me the perfect opportunity to grow both personally and professionally.” 

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