webinar on green hydrogen production

Webinar: Exploring technological developments in PEM and alkaline water electrolysis


What is the vision for PEM at multi-gigawatt scale? When scaling up electrolysis for green hydrogen, should we build larger modules or duplicate modules? Additionally, considering market trends, how will the costs of PEM technology evolve compared to other technologies? To answer these burning questions on technological developments in PEM and Alkaline Water Electrolysis for green hydrogen production, we brought together 6 experts from the HyScaling consortium.

During this webinar we took a deep dive into the technological hydrogen developments. Several experts shared their insights integral to our HyScaling project, a 3-year initiative concluding this summer. In the HyScaling project we developed innovations for scaling up hydrogen production, taking the entire hydrogen chain in consideration. 

PEM versus Alkaline

Specialists Ton Hurkmans (CTO at IHI Ionbond Group), Mark Breed (New Business Development Manager at Teijin) and Paul Peters (Process and project engineer MTSA) gathered to discuss the strategic importance of PEM electrolysis innovations for green hydrogen. Meanwhile Thijs de Groot (Associate Professor at TU/e), Marco Wonink (AWE Lead Scientist at TNO) and Ahmad Harbiye (Sr. Research Scientist at VECO) explored the necessities and gaps in scaling up the Alkaline Water Electrolysis technologies.

During the webinar, many burning questions were put to our experts. The webinar is in Dutch, and is subtitled in English.

This is the 1st webinar of 2