Siu Fai Au - Program Manager Hydrogen

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Siu Fai Au

Program Manager (Hydrogen)

+31 6 10041482

With a background in materials science and a wealth of expertise in hydrogen technology, Siu Fai Au takes on the role of Hydrogen Program Manager at ISPT, enriching our team with his specialised knowledge and experience. With a drive for promoting the transition to renewable energy through fuel cells and electrolysis, Siu Fai’s professional journey has taken him across diverse landscapes, including roles in Germany, Switzerland and most recently as Technical Director in China. 

Returning to Dutch soil, Siu Fai has joined our Hydrogen-team, where his profound experience will undoubtedly contribute significantly to our initiatives.  Siu Fai elaborates: “My background is very technical, rooted in hydrogen product development and R&D. However, in this new role at ISPT, I have taken on a managerial position within the hydrogen field. It’s an exciting challenge to shift my focus towards sharing knowledge and working in consortia to strengthen the broad Dutch hydrogen market. Through this role, I feel I’m making a meaningful contribution to society.” 

Technical and societal interests may clash, but our common goal will help us find a middle ground.

Siu Fai Au – Expert on renewable energy and hydrogen

The fascinating aspect of this role is collaboration, says Siu Fai Au. “Within ISPT, Hydrogen has built an exceptional network of partners, and collaboration is at the heart of it. My technical background allows me to mediate between partners in a variety of ways, quickly identifying opportunities for innovation and recognising barriers. I strongly believe that collaboration holds immense significance in this transition. Our world is changing rapidly, and it not only prompts reflection on our industry’s needs but also resonates on a societal level. Technical and societal interests may clash at times, our common goal makes it essential to find a middle ground.”

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