Hi. My name is:

Ineke de Boer

Finance Manager

“The shift to sustainability has reached the financial world. Finally! People don’t realise that finances play a huge role in the transition to a sustainable and circular economy. I have been reading het Financiële Dagblad for over 20 years and only in the last 2 years they started writing about sustainability. Where investments go, change will follow.”

Ineke de Boer is our Financial Manager.  She started working for ISPT in February 2018. “Through an acquaintance from my network I heared about the job opening for a financial manager for an organization called ISPT. As I started to dig in further, I saw that this function was right up my alley: combining my background in finances with environmental causes.” Ineke is a mathematical wizard by heart with a strong attention to detail and an investigative nature. She studied Climate & Economy and has always worked in the field of sustainable finances, for example for the ASN Bank or in the Argro & Food Culture.  

Where investments go, change will follow

Ineke de Boer – Financial wizard by heart

Ineke’s day-to-day work varies from administrative tasks, monitoring the finances on both a corporate, program and project base and  maintaining the financial viability of the organization. “Around 80 percent of my work exists of handling the daily financial and administrative operations. The other 20, is more challenging. For example, when a partner leaves a project halfway through, how are we going to make sure that the project keeps running? I don’t shy away from such a challenge. The financial world is bound by rules and I think most people in this world stick by those. Yet, here at ISPT you have to learn to work around those roles and be creative.”

“Wat I enjoy most about working for ISPT is working together with our core-team and the people around it. Our organisation is built on the idea that you can’t do everything alone – especially when it comes to sustainability – and it is noticeable in our team that everyone lives by this idea. Because our work touches upon so many sectors and we work in different clusters, we have gathered a team of unique individuals that all work in their own expertise. Another thing I value is that you never stop learning here – from our partners, from the new projects or from the program managers.”