Gijs Tubben

Hi. My name is:

Gijs Tubben

Program Officer

We are happy to introduce our newest team member, Gijs Tubben, who will be joining our team as a Program Officer. Gijs will be bringing his unique talents and skills to ISPT to help us drive our sustainable mission.  

Gijs is an innovator by heart. During his Bachelor studies at Wageningen University in ‘Bedrijfs- & consumentenwetenschappen’ and a Minor in Prague he became intrigued with sustainability. “I tend to see sustainability as a complex puzzle that requires solving; a challenge that I am eager to undertake.” Therefore, Gijs continued his academic career with a Masters in Management, Economics, and Consumer Sciences, in which he mainly focussed on sustainable innovation. Gijs graduated in 2023 and found his way to ISPT through the National Energy Traineeship.  

I see collaborative innovation between industry partners as a big orchestra: everyone knows perfectly well how to play their own instrument, but it takes a conductor to play a symphony

Gijs Tubben, innovator by heart

“In the past few years, I have realized that I want to make a lasting sustainable change to this world. I am particularly drawn to the grander scale of innovations and technologies within the field of sustainability. When it comes to the energy transition, I’d like to look at the challenges from a broad perspective. Given the current state, this transition requires extensive technological advancements and innovative solutions, coupled with systematic thinking and a critical approach. Besides, collaboration is crucial to innovation, as it enables us to visualize and implement a comprehensive plan for industry and society. This approach aligns perfectly with ISPT’s way of working.”  

 “At ISPT I will focus my efforts on the Green Ammonia Platform and Industrial Fluids Processing (IFP). Both are equally challenging. I find working together in large consortia interesting. It requires a specific approach where you look closely at the behaviors and motivations in each company. The sooner you can identify these elements, the easier you can respond to them and organize a good collaboration. In this complex sustainability puzzle, I hope the power of energy can help us to build bridges, rather than divide us.”