The public perception of green hydrogen in the Netherlands


A positive public perception is essential to successful upscaling of green hydrogen. However, due to societal impacts, such as increased societal costs and landscape alterations from production facilities and transport and storage infrastructure, a positive perception is not a given. Ultimately, these impacts could lead to resistance and local opposition. This can be seen as a problem because the implementation of projects can be delayed or prevented (and thus climate goals are not met), and it may be a signal of an unfair process in which local residents are not sufficiently heard.

That is why, next to technological innovation, the public perception needs to be addressed too when scaling up green hydrogen. Furthermore, green hydrogen develops at high speed and citizens are more often confronted with media outlets on hydrogen than before, and the public perception of hydrogen has only been studied to a limited extent in the Dutch context in recent years (i.e., focus on hydrogen refuelling stations, knowledge level and general opinion). Consequently, it is important to gain more insights on the public perception with recent studies. In this study we therefore assess the Dutch public perception of green

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