Scenarios as input to InReP


Discover the multi-year research project ‘Integrated approach towards Recycling of Plastics’ (InReP) and gain invaluable insights into the future of the plastic value chain. In this report, we present 3 crafted scenarios for the circular plastic value chain in 2050, meticulously designed for use in our cutting-edge quantitative model.

Harnessing the expertise of esteemed organizations such as TNO, WUR, KIDV, and Rebel, we held 2 intensive workshops in 2021 to refine our scenario approach. The results of these workshops are compiled in this comprehensive report. Delve deeper into the chosen scenarios, unravel the intricacies of each scenario component, and understand the required inputs that shape these innovative models.

The selected scenarios are a direct response to Rebel’s groundbreaking work on the “Scenarios for the plastic value chain 2050” report, commissioned by the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment. Our adaptation focuses on packaging material flows: PE, PP, mixed polyolefin waste, PET, and PEF. These scenarios, tailored for our purpose, will serve as vital inputs for the PRISM and WFBR models within the InReP project’s result 1.

However, the significance of this report extends far beyond model inputs. These scenarios will also act as a rigorous test case for our combined models, allowing us to evaluate and fine-tune the sorting and recycling technologies currently being developed in the InReP project. Here’s why you should pay attention:

  1. Consistent Set of Developments: Our scenarios provide a cohesive narrative of the plastic system’s evolution, encompassing applications, industrial production, consumer behavior, and policy interventions. By exploring these scenarios, you gain a holistic understanding of the future landscape.
  2. Relevance to Dutch Stakeholders and Policies: These scenarios hold immense significance for Dutch stakeholders and policymakers. By aligning our work with existing frameworks, we ensure that our findings have practical implications and contribute to meaningful decision-making.
  3. Versatility and Testing Potential: Our scenario set offers clear differentiation through various approaches in different scenarios. This makes them perfect “what-if” scenarios for rigorous testing of our model system. Be the first to witness this exciting testing phase!

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