Report: ECWRTI Life Cycle Assessment


Global freshwater availability is under permanent stress. Increasing population will rise the global water consumption dramatically over the coming years, leading to an increasing stress on available freshwater sources, increased local drought risks and reducing the availability of potable water for consumption.

On this background the EColoRO concept was developed to remove the majority of all pollutants, colorants and chemicals from wastewater. The goal is to close the water loop by separating the water, organometallics and salty brine and creating a produced clean water that can be fully re-used.

The ECWRTI project (Electro Coagulation for Water Recycling in Textile Industry) sets a leading industrial example by demonstrating the scale-up of the EColoRO concept in the textile sector. To evaluate the environmental effect of EColoRO a Life Cycle Assessment LCA) has been conducted. The analyses have been done for two different textile plants in two regions, Belgium and Italy.

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