Clean Ammonia Roadmap – Public report


This roadmap gives a clear overview of potential new value chains for clean ammonia as an energy and hydrogen carrier in the Netherlands, and greater ARRRA region. Created by ISPT’s Clean Ammonia Platform consisting of multidisciplinary partners, it represents the industry’s expectation for the future import and use of clean ammonia.  

Clean ammonia has a serious potential to reduce CO2 emissions by Dutch industry besides replacing traditional grey ammonia.  

This Clean Ammonia Roadmap focusses on several linked topics such as: 

  • Clean ammonia import and export quantity predictions 
  • Newly developing value chains 
  • Policies 
  • Safety 
  • Technologic development 
  • Impact on emission 

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The ammonia roadmap gives several recommendations for further research. The next steps taken by the Clean Ammonia Platform are the initiation of an Ammonia Pipeline Safety study.  

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