Long Term Programme is a unique programme in which universities and companies work together to create a sustainable process industry

Long Term Program

LTP is a new programme within ISPT aimed at developing process technology for 2050. Value chains from raw materials to end products in industry are expected to have changed radically by then. A unique programme within the Netherlands, as it deals with technology that does not yet exist today.

LTP will provide the main ingredients for the transition:

  • A vision of a fully sustainable process industry
  • The key technologies we need for the transition(s)
  • And the strategy to make it happen

LTP is at the forefront of developing the technology needed for a sustainable process industry of 2050. With the immense changes expected due to the energy and material transition, ISPT is proud to pave the way and foster a unique level of cooperation among industry and universities.

This program puts scientists from socio-economic transitions, (bio)process technology, catalysis and materials technology at the same table as companies in chemistry, materials, energy production and food. This cross-sectoral and cross-technology approach is essential for the actual implementation of innovations.

LTP is about fundamental research, making cross-sectoral connections and finding links and different perspectives on themes of tomorrow. Stakeholders are invited to join us.

📢 Calling all industrial innovators 📢

The 1st project has just started, and is called TREPS (Trace Removal Using Electrically Powered Separations).

Future projects will be set up around different themes. That’s why we cordially invite industrial parties to actively shape the themes and direction of future projects together with us.

Interested? Please contact our Program Director Sascha Kersten, details below.