Strengthening the competitive power with Smart Maintenance Skills Lab


Thanks to a boost of new methods and technologies, Smart Maintenance concepts strengthen the competitive power of companies and have the ability to create new business. To do so, Smart Maintenance requires new knowledge and skills that have to be available within both the existing as well as the future workforce. As companies already struggle to attract sufficient and properly trained employees, the new project ‘Smart Maintance Skillslab’ helps to ensure the availability of qualified manpower in the future.

In the Skillslab, companies and educational institutions cooperate to develop and apply new forms of education in the maintenance sector. This improves the industry-related knowledge of students and increases their value to the workforce when graduated. In addition, current employees become familiar with Smart Maintenance technologies through collaboration with students and their teachers.

ISPT & Smart Maintenance Skills

ISPT’s participation in Smart Maintenance Skillslab is embedded in the ISPT theme Industry 4.0. In order to obtain predictive quality, predictive cost and predictive maintenance, it focuses on digitization. This includes, amongst others, the use of artificial intelligence and application of augmented reality for maintenance topics.

Workshops organized by ISPT on digital security as well as a study towards skill requirements from industry provide extra awareness and insights. ISPT also provides equipment and knowledge to the Skillslab, such as Augmented Reality markers and touchpoints to support maintenance activities. This is an opportunity for ISPT to show end users the possibilities of smart maintenance and parallel work on skill development.


The Smart Maintenance Skillslab creates a hybrid learning environment for Industry 4.0 where innovation and education come together. New technology is tested, installed and directly used for educational purposes. The project is managed by World Class Maintenance (WCM), the network for smart maintenance in the Netherlands. An important focus of WCM is cross-sectoral innovation and education in so-called ‘Fieldlab projects’. WCM’s Smart Industry Fieldlab CAMPIONE, one of these ‘Fieldlab projects’, aims at establishing fully predictable maintenance in the process industry. It includes a central lab in Rijen with facilities to test new technologies that make maintenance predictable. In the Smart Maintenance Skillslab project, software and hardware technology suppliers as well as end users and knowledge institutes will use the lab in Rijen for pilot applications in augmented reality testing, new sensors and data processing, and process control applications.

Virtual Reality showcase