Learning community ISPT

Learning communities

Learning communities are an important link to building and spreading knowledge through education, life long learning and other channels. We use the learning community concept to ensure that innovation solutions for process technology create immediate, short and long-term impact.

In learning communities professionals learn by sharing experiences and reflections on project results. This enables the results to be translated into the process technology practice. ISPT’s learning communities inspire end users to adopt the project results. 

ISPT learning communities 

ISPT’s project GRIP on drying is a learning community for drying technology for the food and paper industry. It showed that there is a need for smart strategies to develop learning communities.

The Internet of Food project has created a learning community on digitalization. In this learning community future digital food experts are educated. 

Large-scale dissemination

The concept of learning communities plays an important role in lifelong learning and development as introduced by the Dutch Topsectoren. 

The idea behind learning communities is that learning, working and innovation take place in mutual interaction with the involvement of all relevant parties: companies, education and research institutions.

This creates opportunities to not only make the necessary progress in the accumulation of knowledge, but also to stimulate the large-scale dissemination of knowledge and skills – including through the training of professionals. Learning communities are a great booster for innovation since they create the opportunity to develop, incorporate and apply new techniques and insights in practice. Learning communities are stronger when they are supported by an online community.