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Sustainable heat in the Dutch industry

Technology Carrousel on heat integration

ISPT invites you, together with Project 6-25, to join the Technology Carrousel where manufacturers and suppliers of heat integration and storage technologies will present their technologies together with cases where they are industrially implemented.

During the Technology Carrousel we organise interactive small sessions, combined with a market, so you can meet all technology providers. A variety of technology providers will present their heat integration technologies, ranging from heat exchangers and heat storage to advanced industrial heat pumps.

What to expect?

Presentations of heat or storage technologies including industrial cases from the agro-food, chemical and paper industry:

  • EnergyNest – A thermal battery system to balance short-term fluctuations in steam supply at the industrial park Herøya, Norway
  • Spilling Technologies – A steam compressor for steam recycling at a pulp mill, Sweden
  • Stork – A hybrid boiler system at a paper mill to meet both a volatile E-market and a highly fluctuating steam demand
  • Equans – A heat pump system for re-use of residual heat from cooling to heat hot water in a baby nutrition company
  • Trane Technologies – A thermal system to connect cooling and heating demands within dairy milk and cheese processing
  • MAN Energy Solutions – A heat pump unit for district heating of 90°C in Esbjerg using sea water at 1° C in winter time, Denmark
  • Atlas Copco – An electric open loop heat pump system generating superheated steam from hot water in a polyethylene plant in Terneuzen, The Netherlands
  • Kyotogroup – A multi-functional energy storage system for steam generation within the food industry, Spain
  • Heaten – A very-high-temperature heat pump in the food industry
  • Ochsner – A high temperature heat pump in i.a. leather production, paper industry and a brewery
  • ANEO – A steam producing heat pump for the production of feed-pellets, Norway
  • Siemens Energy – A mechanical compression heat pump for district heating in Berlin, Germany

After the presentation rounds there is a technology market, where you have the opportunity to meet the above-mentioned technology providers.

Meet-up between users and suppliers

The carrousel is organised by ISPT and Project 6-25, a joint programme of VEMW and FME. We joined forces so users and suppliers can meet. A large assortment of technologies is already commercially available to sustain industrial processes, but due to the fast development of innovative technologies, both manufacturers and users often have difficulties to find each other.

Practical information

The Technology Carrousel will take place the 28th of November, 2022 from 12:00 -18:00 at the office of FME, Zoetermeer.

Sign up

You’re welcome to sign up for the Technology Carrousel. Please do so before November 21, 2022.

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About ISPT and Project 6-25

Both ISPT and Project 6-25 have the ambition to speed up energy efficiency technologies implementation within industries.

Project 6-25 has had her technology portfolio independently validated in 2019: 3 Mton CO2 reduction potential was considered technically and economically feasible in The Netherlands. With current energy prices up to 5 Mton would be feasible.