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Steam and Condensate Quality webinar


June 8, 13h-16h (CEST)

In this closing webinar project results of the ISPT project Steam and Condensate Quality will be presented and discussed in a panel with industry experts, moderated by Marjolein Vanoppen.

Process industries strive for more efficient use of water, saving energy and reducing thermal load of effluent discharged on surface water. This requires better insights into the distribution and behaviour of conditioning chemicals (and their breakdown products) used in their steam-water cycles and condensate polishing.

In the ISPT project Steam and Condensate Quality, with financial support of the Topsector Energie, Sitech, Dow, Evides Industriewater, Kurita, KWR Water Research Institute, and University of Ghent investigated the potential negative impact of steam/condensate conditioning chemicals and their breakdown products on the steam/water cycle with a focus on corrosion phenomena. Also, treatment alternatives of polluted condensates as well as energy recuperation technologies were investigated to ultimately achieve maximum saving of water and energy.