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About CPI

The annual Circular Plastics Conference is powered by the Circular Plastics Initiative (CPI). CPI is a collaboration between Dutch Polymer Institute (DPI) and the Institute for Sustainable Process Technology (ISPT).

Our mission is to boost circularity in plastics on an industrial scale.

About ISPT and DPI

Logo Institute for Sustainable Process Technology (ISPT)

The Institute for Sustainable Process Technology (ISPT) is the leading institute for open innovation in the process industry in the Netherlands. We believe the Netherlands can take a frontrunner position in embedding industry as key player in a sustainable societal ecosystem. Our motto: by 2050 we will have transitioned to a circular and carbon neutral process industry. Together!

The Dutch Polymer Institute (DPI) enables companies along the value chain to work together to gain new insights in the understanding of polymers. Our global not-for-profit platform consists of industrial partners and selected academic groups. Sharing the knowledge pre-competitively gives companies the opportunity to accelerate their innovation.

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More about the Circular Plastics Initiative (CPI)

We joined forces in the Circular Plastics Initiative. In this initiative we address the entire value chain from an international perspective and focus on technological, logistic, and societal challenges lying ahead. In order to reach our goal, we work close with many more organizations throughout the plastic value chain.

We are open for more participants. Would you like to join or receive more information?

More about the Circular Plastics Conference (CPC)

Every year we organise the Circular Plastics Conference (CPC), which facilitates keynotes, discussions and sessions on circularity in plastics. In 2023 over 150 experts, pioneering thinkers, stakeholders and academics from the field of circular plastics gathered to formulate the next steps in closing the loop before 2050.

The conference is be marked by candid exchanges, forging a meeting of the minds. We close out with dinner and drinks, during which you can network and exchange views. You are welcome to join us!

Meet our team

Ronald Korstanje, CPI
Ronald Korstanje, Program Director
Sascha Kersten
Sacha Kersten, Chairman of the Technical Advisory Team
Klaartje Rietkerken, Director of Operations ISPT
Geoffrey Schouten
Geoffrey Schouten, Program Manager
Paco Rutten, Program Officer