Martine Hoeksma: only collaboration can help the energy transition move forward

Martine Hoeksma: only collaboration can help the energy transition move forward

Martine Hoeksma is energy transition program manager at Shell Netherlands. Her take on the energy transition: it is important that we work together. And besides that, we should hurry, because 2030 is right around the corner. Martine talks about how Shell is already working on all kinds of projects to realize the transition, but that it is quite difficult to solve such a big issue alone. That’s why Shell is joining many of ISPT’s energy-related projects, including the Hydrohub Innovation program.

As an energy transition program manager, what is the stance of Martine Hoeksma on the current state of the energy transition? During the ISPT Conference 2021, she told us all about her view on the current developments, challenges and the way to go forward.

Chain-wide collaboration in the energy transition

The energy in the Netherlands is produced and regulated in a system. A system that has to be transformed completely when moving to a circular energy model. Everyone who is part of that system has a role in that. Therefore, Shell is working closely with all parties from within the chain to make that change, for example in our Hydrohub Innovation program.

“In this transformation, it is not just about the raw materials, but also the infrastructure has to be changed completely. What we need right now is close collaboration. The government must make policies and make concrete decisions about how we will proceed with our energy in the coming years. The industry, in turn, must make that change by adapting to new forms of energy. It is clear that only together, we can realize the transition.”

Martine Hoeksma’s stance on the energy transition