ISPT Conference 2021 - Sustainable Process Technology

About ISPT

ISPT is the leading institute for open innovation in the process industry. We believe a sustainable future requires more than technological innovations: it requires collaboration. The annual ISPT Conference provides a platform for this.

Our goal is first and foremost to connect different stakeholders who are making the process industry more sustainable.

Let’s join forces to collaborate in mission driven programs where costs and risks are shared, like:

  • The large-scale production of green hydrogen
  • The capture and use of carbon dioxide
  • The circular use of plastics
  • Heat recovery and reuse
  • Advanced process control and digitization
  • Upgrade raw materials from waste streams

Are you interested in working together?

ISPT is based in the Netherlands but our work crosses borders. Our partners are mostly Dutch and Belgian companies – big and small – with common interests and a shared vision on the transition towards a CO2-neutral, circular economy in 2050.

We are always open for more participants. Please feel free to contact our passionate team of professionals, they are looking forward to answer any questions you may have.