Circular Plastics Conference Program


Our annual Circular Plastics Conference gives you an opportunity for vivid exchanges, new insights and networking. See the program of CPC’23 below. We’re looking forward for the next one!


The Circular Plastics Conference 2023 was marked by candid exchanges, forging a meeting of the minds.

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Program ’23

9:00 Registration & coffee ☕

9:30 A warm welcome – Start plenary program
We kickstarted the conference with an opening session that set the stage for the parallel sessions. Ronald Kostanje will welcome you and introduce our moderator, Rosa Scholtens.

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During the opening session we will talk about the current technological situation of the circular plastics field.

Also, we’ll give you an insight into the challenges we are facing, based on the results of a recent study (by Prof Sascha Kersten) ánd on new and upcoming legislation in plastics, including the Packaging and Packaging Waste Regulation (PPWR) by David Carroll.


  • Ronald Korstanje – Program Director of the Circular Plastics Initiative
  • Prof. Sascha Kersten – Professor Sustainable Process Technology at University of Twente
  • David Carroll, Director of External Affairs at PlasticsEurope

10:40 – Parallel sessions, part 1

You can choose between:

  • Session 1 – Design for circular economy​ – by Dr. Michael Villet, Covestro
  • Session 2 – Thermochemical recycling​ – by Dr. Ton Vries, BioBTX

More details on the parallel sessions

11:50 – Parallel sessions, part 2

You can choose between:

  • Session 3 – Mechanical recycling​ – by Prof. Kim Ragaert, Maastricht University
  • Session 4 – System integration and business models​ – by Dr. Jan Harm Urbanus, TNO

More details on the parallel sessions

13:00 – Lunch

Have some lunch and meet like-minded people

14:00 – Parallel sessions, part 3

You can choose between:

  • Session 5 – Sorting, Washing and Characterization​ – Dpl. Ing. Martin Bender, HTP
  • Session 6 – Chemical depolymerization​ – by Dr. Marco Brons, Cure Technology

More details on the parallel sessions

15:10 – Parallel sessions, part 4

You can choose between:

  • Session 7 – Logistics and Feedstock Availability – by Gijs Langeveld, Polymer Science Park
  • Session 8 – The Innovators for Circular Plastics – by Paco Rutten, Institute for Sustainable Process Technology (ISPT)

More details on the parallel sessions

16:20 – Closing session (plenary)

This final session of the Circular Plastics Conference 2023 will be started by Ronald Korstanje, who will give a compilation of the insights from each session, gathered throughout the day.

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This will be followed by a presentation from Mark Spekreijse about the focus and objectives of the Circular Plastics NL program, which is the main framework for engaging in new projects.

The conference will conclude with a panel discussion, moderated by Rosa Scholtens, focusing on the next steps that should be taken in the transition to circular plastics. The panel will discuss where we should focus our efforts and how we should proceed, considering both technological and non-technological aspects. The conversation will be used as conclusion to update our Circular Plastics Roadmap and contribute to steering the transition towards circular plastics effectively and sustainably.


  • Ronald Kostanje – Program Director of the Circular Plastics Initiative
  • Marc Spekreijse – Director Circular PlasticsNL
  • Rosa Scholtens

17:30 – 20:00 Walking dinner, drinks and networking