This year, the ISPT Conference collaborates with the Port of Rotterdam (PoR). A promising co-production, as the 3 major transitions the Institute for Sustainable Process Technology (ISPT) is working on (energy, materials and agro-food) come together in the Port of Rotterdam.


The Joint ISPT and Port of Rotterdam Conference ’24 was an opportunity for vivid exchanges, new insights and networking.

The Joint ISPT and PoR Conference 2024 was marked by candid exchanges, forging a meeting of the minds.

Read a full recap of the day, or take a deepdive in the liveblog.

Program 8 February ’24

12:00 A warm welcome – registration & lunch at the Wereldmuseum

13:00 Introduction by Max Christern, Tjeerd Jongsma and Nico van Dooren

13:20 Laura de Vries – Climate Ambassador – In the eyes of the next generation: what does the world need to look like in 2050?

13:30 Derk Loorbach – Director of DRIFT and professor of socio-economic transitions at Erasmus University –  From less bad to circular, what do we need to accelerate and where do we need help?

14:00 Salvatore Berger – Policy officer European Commission – A European perspective on the critical raw material transition

14:20 Short break – have a drink

14:45 Anton van Beek  – President/Director at DOW Benelux – How attractive are the Netherlands for a circular  industry?

15:15 Panel discussion led by Max Christern

16:00 TKI – Industry Innovators Award 2024 – 3 entrepreneurs pitch their innovation

16:30 Conclusions by Max Christern, Nico van Dooren and Tjeerd Jongsma

16:45 Drinks and bites