Liesbeth Looman - PR Manager ISPT

Liesbeth Looman

PR Manager

Liesbeth Looman is our PR Manager and has been working for ISPT for several years. In 1998 she graduated from Tilburg University in Communication Sciences. She’s also a highly skilled graphic designer and photographer. Within ISPT, Liesbeth is known for her positive mindset: “if we can’t go right, we’ll go left.” 

When she first started at ISPT, she felt like the odd man out. She always cared about sustainability, but didn’t really know what was going on in the industry. Also, she didn’t have a technical background like most ISPT-collegues. Still, she immediately saw that this organization was a good fit for her. Liesbeth: “We have the same mindset and a similar approach in how we see the world and the climate issues. I am a real optimist and I always think in opportunities, rather than problems. Everyone here is motivated and eager to achieve things in an environmental friendly way. Together, we make great strides.” 

“In recent years I found that the industry does not stand still when it comes to climate action. Even though we are still far from being circular, a lot of innovations come to life every day. What I do is translate these milestones to the public. I aim to tell the bigger story of ISPT. My focus is mainly on PR and Stakeholder Management. Our director Tjeerd always says once partners are in, they stay. And it’s true: we provide a close community for our partners. They find an open and independent organization that can relieve them in many areas, such as communications. I hope I can give our partners a piece of my positivity and enthusiasm.” 

Those who do not believe in magic, will never find it

Liesbeth Looman, PR Manager

“I love to put our partners and projects in the spotlight. If that succeeds, I am satisfied. A huge milestone was the launch of the Gigawatt report. We worked together with our partners to create a beautiful VR tour and video that gave us a good insight into what a hydrogen plant at scale could look like. We presented the first ever blueprint of a scalable hydrogen plant. The event was a real hit, and the report and videos were widely shared. Even one of the Dutch ministries asked if they could borrow the animation. That’s what satisfies me in my work, and I hope to create more of these milestones in the upcoming years.” 

For media inquiries about our work in sustainability, you can call Liesbeth at +31 6 4009 0978.