John Harinck - Program Manager ISPT

Hi. My name is:

John Harinck

Program Manager Industrial Fluids Processing | Industry 4.0

John Harinck is our Program Manager Industrial Fluids Processing and Digitalisation. During his studies in Mechanical Engineering at TU Delft, John was first introduced to new energy technologies and therefore recognised the need for innovative energy systems early on.

During his PhD, he engaged in modulating and simulating processes with new computing power and advanced models, gaining a lot of experience in developing algorithms and artificial intelligence (AI) that can optimise, predict and/or electrify certain (energy)processes. An early AI-adopter was born! 

A project is successful when the outcome can contribute to both industry and society

John Harinck – expert on Digitalization and Industry 4.0

After working in the industry and at TU Delft for quite some time, John joined ISPT in 2018 as Program Manager for Industrial Fluids Processing. Later, he got a chance to use his knowledge on computing and artificial intelligence to research how these technological advances can drive sustainable development in what is also called Industry 4.0.

“I find it important that my work is meaningful. With my background from within the industry and my aptitude for innovation and technology, ISPT brings multiple facets of my life together.” At ISPT, John’s main focuses are currently the Industry 4.0 program and the MOOI Emission project. Both focus on new technological advances that guarantee green electricity and zero carbon emissions.  

 “I would describe myself as a diplomatic person. I can calmly facilitate discussions; control difficult situations and I am problem solving my nature. What is challenging about my work is gathering a community of people who have the same goals and interest. This requires technical insights, networking and knowledge. It is a trial-and-error game, but that also keeps it interesting and challenging. At the end of day, I want to make sure that every organisation that joins us achieves their (sustainability)goals through us. A project is successful when the outcome can contribution to the industry and society. I see ISPT as a facilitator of change: we eliminate barriers, collaborate with all kinds of parties and strive for a real, lasting and tangible change. 

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