Dewi Mooij - Program Officer ISPT

Hi. My name is:

Dewi Mooij

Program Officer

Working at ISPT means working in a social, dynamic and sustainable environment. Three keywords that fit Dewi Mooij incredibly well as a person. She gets bored easily, so thrives best in an organization where she can do many different things and work on a wide variety of projects. Dewi is certain that ISPT is one of the few organizations that can offer her that. Every day, she gets to do something different. Working in so many different projects, clusters and themes make her work very versatile.

As a chemist, she is aware of the impact industry has on the environment, and sees that solutions to limit climate change must come from within. That’s why ISPT is such a great fit for her: “We strive to make the connection between partners. We work with partners who otherwise would not have worked together, or sometimes didn’t even know of each other’s existence. We connect the dots – that’s what we’re is good at.”

I thrive when I can work on a wide variety of projects

Dewi Mooij – Working on Industrial Fluids Processing, Industry 4.0 & Green Ammonia

Dewi kicked off her career by studying Beta Gamma at the University of Amsterdam. In her second year she chose the beta-side and she graduated in Chemistry. She also pursued two extra minors: one in Environmental chemistry (for extra depth) in Edinburgh, Scotland and one in Programming. Two specializations that certainly come in handy during her work for the Industrial Fluids Processing and Industry 4.0 programs. Dewi also holds a double Masters Degree in Molecular Chemistry and Science, Management & Innovation.

“What I Iike most, is working for a project from the very beginning. Setting-up a project means brainstorming, exchanging ideas, finding the right people and gathering those. You can learn so much from each other. I enjoy seeing how a project develops. Take for example the DISCO and ReCoVR projects, those are 2 absolute milestones for me.”