Human capital is essential for the transition to a circular economy

Human Capital

The objective of our Human Capital program is growing the knowledge of our partners and our community. We do this by providing a talent program, workshops, serious games and learning communities.

It’s a persistent misunderstanding that due to digitalisation, robotization and innovation we need fewer people in the process industry. The opposite is true. We don’t need less people. We just need people with different skills.

  • Which knowledge and capacities are needed to reach the climate goals?
  • And how do we involve industry, government, knowledge institutions and civil society?

Human capital as a driver for sustainability

At ISPT we believe we can only reach a circular and carbon neutral industry together. We need to work together, innovate together and grow together in knowledge and experience.

Therefor our Human Capital program (formerly known as our Innovation Academy) works on the development of students and professionals:

Process Technology Talent Program (PTTP)

ISPT offers a talent program for HBO-students in the field of process technology: the Process Technology Talent Program (PTTP). We provide a 2 year intensive program for top-talents in close cooperation with our industrial partners. The programs accelerates the development of promising students into excellent young professionals industry.

The program offers different themes on establishing a circular economy, digitilisation, sustainability and energy technology and advanced process technology topics. This program consists of summer courses, personal development and current industrial questions. Our industrial partners contribute with knowledge and experiences on their latest technologies, with current developments in their company as cases or with experts for lectures. Moreover, our partners get to meet the Dutch top talents in process technology and have the opportunity to introduce them to their companies. 

Learning communities

We also initiate learning communities in which companies, education and research institutions combine their knowledge, experience and insights.

Learning communities are a great booster for innovation since they create the opportunity to develop, incorporate and apply new techniques and insights in practice. In our learning communities we disseminate the knowledge and skills from ISPT’s projects. 

​Serious Games

An important role in the innovation process is to start a dialogue on chances and barriers for innovations. An effective and fun way for these are serious games: digital and non-digital board games that can be used as kick-starter for discussions, energizer during a session or interactive exercise.

Skills Lab

ISPT is involved in skills labs where companies and educational institutions cooperate and apply new forms of education. Students as well as employees increase their value to the workforce and become familiar with the latest technologies. One of the most successful labs is the Smart Maintenance Skillslab