Grasping the Grid: designing the future energy system

Grasping the Grid

Grasping the Grid is a fairly new program, that addresses the future of energy systems. The program’s purpose is to develop new and highly needed integral insights of requirements and capabilities of a future power grid and an electrified industry sector in a novel energy system.

How should we design the future energy system of Dutch industry? How can we adapt creatively to challenges that present themselves with such fierce urgency? What important decisions should we make today implementing and operating the complex energy grid, power supply and industrial electrification.

In line with this, we have hosted a series of webinars and events between 2021 and 2022. During these events, stakeholders across the value chain jointly spoke about electrification of industry, both from a grid and industry site perspective. Furthermore, the way the electricity markets and digitisation influence industrial electrification was discussed. 

Requirements and capabilities of a future power grid

As a follow-up to the events and to successfully start-up the program, ISPT seeks cooperation with partners along the entire chain of electricity generation, transport, storage, and use. Thereby, ISPT will develop a new innovation program around electrification of industry and adaptability to future power supply.

We have the ambition to set up industrial projects, focused on electricity supply, grid stability, demand-side response, and the electricity market. 


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