Innovation toolset

To design meaningful solutions we need to gain insights in the needs, hopes and aspirations of all stakeholders in the innovation process. ISPT discovered and developed various tools and methods to reach these insights. The result is a portfolio of tools, our innovation toolset, that helps us and our partners to translate our goals into frameworks, opportunities, solutions and prototypes. 

Tools supporting the innovation process

The tools we share with you are typified by the phase and status of the innovation process: initiation, execution or reflection phase. Furthermore it is important to take into account the group size, culture and physical space. Of course skilled facilitators are also an important success factor. For each tool we provide relevant sources. 

Interested which tools will stimulate the innovation process in your organization? Feel free to contact us and discuss the opportunities with us.

Tools for the initiation phase

Ignition workshop

A scalable workshop that helps identify new value propositions, build support for innovation projects and form consortia with the right competences to execute them.

How might we

An exercise for reframing challenges or areas of concern for potential customers into ‘how might we’ questions as a starting point for brainstorming design elements.

Human Spectogram

An exercise to discover similarities and differences among team members to kickstart group discussions on difficult topics.

Friends and Strangers

An energizer game to illustrate how a small change in a rule can have big effects on the dynamics of a complex adaptive system. 

Problem Tree Analysis

A planning method for development projects that helps identify situation and problems and that helps formulating vision, goals and strategy.

Tools for execution phase

Six Thinking Hats: Edward de Bono

A tool to focus on a particular approach in the discussion by means of six different directions, the thinking hats.

Appreciative Storytelling

A tool in which participants interview each other in order to discover the positive contribution and competences they bring to the collaboration.

Trust Cards

A tool to identify activities that help to build trust between members of a consortium.

Stakeholders Characteristics & Roles Matrix

A matrix to describe the interests, influence and role of each stakeholder within the project, allowing the team to take on a stakeholder specific approach.

Tools for reflection phase

Dynamic Learning Agenda

A tool to track progress on short term learning goals without losing sight of the overall project objective.

Self Reflection

A creative tool to grasp the essence of learnings, captured in a haiku: a Japanese poem. 

Audiovisual Learning History

A tool that helps reflect on learning experiences in a project.

Trust Index

A tool to measure and monitor trust in teams by rating trust factors in five categories: environmental, organizational, leadership, team composition, alignment and culture.

Business Model Canvas

A tool that creates a visual representation of a business model, showing logical links between customer segments, channels and relationships, value propositions, inputs, cost structure and revenue streams.

Tools for dialogues on responsible innovation

In the GreenWedge project we developed a workshop format with tools for dialogues on responsible innovation. You can find the workshop materials here.

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